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About Me (and a bit about my cat)


I'm Angharad

I live in a small village in Wales with my cat who's called Bowie. I live a quiet life and work from home. I have a condition that means I am a full time wheelchair user but I have fought to keep my independence as much as possible.

I'm a digital artist / illustrator 

For the past two years I have been working on drawing pet portraits, a few of which you can see in my gallery. I have also created a few logos for different businesses in the local area.

I have always wanted my art to tell a story and capture emotion, whether that be a glint in a puppy's eye or showing a penguin ending up as a giant snow ball.

That's why I have turned my hand to writing and illustrating a children's book!

If you would like to  contact me for any art reasons please email me at

new logo.jpg

My boy Bowie, 

I'm currently working on a book about him

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