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My Kickstarter campaign will be starting on the 1st of September and I'm Beyond excited!

I've been working on this book for 5 months now and I'm so happy with the final story.

I've packed some of my story into this book and I really hope it will inspire disabled kids to live on their terms.

I've been a full time wheelchair user since I was 13 and before that I used a K walker.

I have an undiagnosed genetic condition, it was nothing my mum or dad did, and this was something I really wanted to get across in the book; Sometimes life deals you a difficult hand. It's what you make of it that matters.

You can follow my kickstarter campaign here

Every £ will help make my book a reality but all I'm asking you to do is share my kickstarter page or my website. Do that and I'll be so grateful.

Bring on September!

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So I had my first go at animating Pearl today,

It's only a quick loop video but I love it

I made it following Libby Vanderploeg's skillshare class; Animation for illustration: Adding movement with procreate and photoshop.

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If you are a family or disability blogger or instagramer and you're interested in publicizing my kickstarter campaign Please contact me at

I can give you early access to my book and my business plan.

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