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Meet Pearl

Pearl is a penguin who has been born with mobility issues. However, she is a strong and independent young penguin.

The book I am writing and illustrating follows pearl on her journey to figure out how to to live life to the full.

Even though Pearl's family were expecting a very different life with their child they still love and support her

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Welcome to the world of my illustrations

Why I created Pearl

Growing up with mobility issues myself, I was a full time wheelchair user by the time I was 14, I remember not seeing myself in books and on television. I wanted to create this book so that other children can see themselves in it. I wanted to make pearl strong and determined even in the face of certain challenges. 

I wanted to make her act and have fun like a 'normal' child (even though there's no such thing as normal when it comes to humanity, or birdanity)

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Family web - 9 June 2021 18.05.36.jpg

How you can make Pearl the Penguin a reality?

I am currently crowd funding to be able to publish Pearl the penguin. If you would like to contribute you can find my project on Kickstarter. There are different rewards on offer depending on how much you donate but any amount is very much appreciated  

As a digital illustrator I love creating worlds and I'm so proud of the story I've created in this book and I can't wait for people to be able to buy it. I'm so happy to be a children's author and really hope that I can help children want to be independent.

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